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Andreia {Glamour Portraiture}

Studio Glamour Photography

This is the first of two portrait sessions we had with the beautiful Andreia in our Dunfermline studio. This first photo session was full of shadow and deep saturation which you will see as quite a contrast to the second session! She is also one of the make-up artists we recommend for the more glamorous shoots like this so if you want to feel this good then get in touch with us for your photo session and you might get to meet her for yourself!

It is almost kind of crazy how glamorous a simple black top can be. Many people when looking at photography shy away from shadows wanting everything to be very high key and bright but there are times when shadow is definitely your friend just as you see here:

The shadows here give form and line out the curves of her smile, her collar bones and her décolletage bringing out a playful femininity that you might not see if you bumped in to her in her work clothes on the streets of Dunfermline.

Dunfermline Beauty

When you stop and think how many incredibly beautiful women there are walking around a town like Dunfermline pushing kids in prams or wearing aprons or overalls it is a shame how few of them recognise how powerful they really are. We really enjoy making women of all ages, shapes and sizes feel empowered and they seem to love it too which is why we had Andreia back in just a few weeks after this session for more or bigger and better!

Contact us if you want to feel this good yourself and let us help you tell your story!