Photography by Charles & Catia

Lifestyle and Commercial Photography based in Dunfermline, Fife

Jem {Personal Glamour Session}

Intimate Smile

We are privileged to have many wonderful people through our studio in Dunfermline for small intimate sessions such as these and Jem was no different. You can see in her smile her Iberian heritage just beaming through warming up our chilly Scottish days! ;)

But she can also dial-up the sass when she needs to:

Or turn up the warmth with cosy smiles like this one:

Glamour Photography

We have called this type of session different things over the years but it all boils down to simple beauty in a simple situation shining through completely naturally:

It is funny how with photos like these we always end up having so much fun and the rules get thrown out as we explore and just play around. It no longer matters if we smooth out every wrinkle in the backdrop or not because there is life happening slap bang in the middle of the photo and you don't want to miss that for anything!

We love doing sessions like this so full of energy and life and love making new friends as we do so. Working with Jem was a treat and we look forward to working with other women like her - not because they fit into a standard of beauty but because you can tell what kind of person she is inside by the smile on her face. That is definitely the most beautiful thing any woman can wear! And of course we enjoy it so much when we can coax it out of someone.

Dunfermline Photo Studio

Jem didn't need much coaching but seeing a transformation over the course of a shoot is always a joy to behold whether in our small Dunfermline studio, in the client's house or at any of the stunning locations there are around this part of Scotland.

For those of you who look at these photos and think you could never look that good - think again! We never post or even show our clients the first photos in a session as they are just the warmup. Jem's first few photos were awkward but she gained confidence as she went along. Some get there quicker than others. That is why we don't do short shoots - we know that the client doesn't get what they most want when we do that. Good photos take time and take a relationship which it is our job to create. Go on... give us a try!